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Dinosaur Party

"Dinosaur Party"

Paint two large empty refrigerator boxes to look like a cave. Inside, glue on pictures of dinosaurs. Add sound effects by taping them from the movie Jurassic Park. Let the kids crawl through the Dinosaur cave to get to the party. Cut out dinosaur footprints from brown paper. Place all over the house or yard. Have them lead up to your entry way. Decorate the table with large rocks, green plants and plastic or paper dinosaurs.

Use a sheetcake frosted with brown chocolate icing. Decorate by making a volcano, plastic trees and dinos. Crumble Oreos for dirt and have blue frosting for water.

Cut out dinosaur shaped sandwiches and cookies. Have red punch for Lava Juice.

Fossil Dig:
All you need is dog bones. Bury these in a sand box or other designated area. Have the kids dig for dinosaur bones. Or use real bones. Save bones and boil them for an hour to get all the meat off. After boiling, bake them for another hour or so. Cool and spray with primer and white paint.

Dinosaur Hunt: Draw a large dinosaur and cut into several pieces, like a puzzle. Hide these pieces around and let the kids find them. Have them restructure the dino.

Bone Drop: You need doggy bone treats and a jar or container. To play, have the kids drop the bones into the container while standing straight. Give them 5-10 bones each to see who can get the most into the container.

Dino Egg Hunt: Use plastic Easter eggs and fill them with all sorts of dinosaur stickers, candies, toys, etc.

Volcanoes: Make a mound of sand around a dixie cup. Put in some baking soda. Pour in vinegar to watch it gurgle up. Add food coloring to vinegar beforehand if you want it coloured.

Triceratops Toss: Draw the front face of a Triceratops on a large poster board. Where the horns should be, put in three dowels. Let the kids toss rings on to the horns

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