Boating in St. Charles on the Fox River Brings Fun for Families and Friends

Boating in St. Charles on the Fox River Brings Fun for Families and Friends

Kayak & Pedal Boat Rentals On The Fox River In St. Charles

Can you kayak?  Or do you believe in pedal power?  Either way, the St. Charles Park District boasts awesome boating opportunities for anyone who wants to roll – or make that, row – down the river.

“You get a whole different perspective of both the river and the park when you’re out on the water,” said Sabrina Killeen, Recreation Supervisor.  “It’s one thing to walk along the shoreline or view it from a car, but it’s an entirely different experience when you actually glide along in a boat.”

With kayaks and pedal boats available for rental every day mid-May through mid-August, there are plenty of chances for friends and families to find out what this fascinating natural resource is all about.  Home to myriad species of fish, turtles, birds and other aquatic area life, the Fox River is an important ecological resource and an abundant source of fun.

Pedal boats are easy to maneuver and, being people-powered, provide a great physical workout.  Kayaks conjure up images of lazy summer afternoons spent just watching the world go by at duck’s-eye level.  Either way, they offer an inexpensive way to work up a sweat or ease away the stress.

Both Kayaks and Pedal Boats are available for launch at the River View Miniature Golf facility daily from 11am to 6pm.  Normal daily rates are $19 per hour per boat.

For more information about boating in St. Charles, call 630-513-6200 or visit