Prime Time Promotions Interactive Stock Car Racing

Prime Time Promotions Interactive Stock Car Racing

Prime Time Promotions Interactive stock car racing for your next Chicago-area company picnic, corporate event, or theme party. Motor sports, event marketing and street promotions are our specialty. Micro Reality stock car racing is perfect for your next tradeshow, convention, or promotion.

Where else can you rough up the boss or bump the sales guy into the wall? Our speedway will “steal the show” at your Chicago area company event, corporate conference or training day. Let the whole crew go at it head-to-head or opt for some team building. Either way your team will be talking about the racing long after the cars have been packed way.

Why does the racing work?

Guests: The checkered flag-racing tent alone intrigues Company event guests. While watching is nearly as much fun as driving, once they see the track, almost all will take a turn behind the wheel.

Event Planners: Love that we get the audience involved and we keep them involved. Micro-Reality stock car racing is usually the most popular attraction at your company event – even if you have carnival-style rides.

Owners: Like that you can easily entertain 100+ people per hour and it’s virtually liability free. Per person entertained, it’s more affordable than you might think. This is is the secret weapon that will put your company event into the “winners circle”.

These huge cars are nearly 2’L and they really move around the giant 26’L banked oval speedway. These are not slot cars. Each participant races using a full size steering wheel and shifter column. Just like real racing, you get the spectacular crashes, the high-speed spinouts and the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing. This nonstop action has made Micro-Reality stock car racing the ultimate interactive, Chicago area festival experience!

Why settle for the same type of entertainment year after year? I mean the moon jumps and rock climbing walls are great fun but will they really leave your guests “buzzing” about your event even the day after?

Visit their website or Call them today at (847) 487-4500 for more information or to get a quote on your next event.