Crisis Rooms Discount Ticket Coupon

Crisis Rooms Discount Ticket Coupon

This Crisis Rooms Coupon allows you to SAVE $5.00 OFF a regular full price admission.  To redeem this discount offer book online at enter the Promo Code “ChicagoFun at checkout.

Forget what you know about traditional escape rooms! These rooms are more than just locks and puzzles. Welcome to Crisis Rooms in Frankfort Illinois!

A Crisis Room is a physical adventure game in which players enter a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and succeed within a set time limit. A fun experience that will test your brain, imagination, and teamwork skills.


You have all been exposed to the Zombie Virus! It’s only a matter of time before you start to “turn”. Unless you can find the antidote fast enough, it will be too late. Are you starting to feel hungry?SAVE $5.00 Off Coupon
Current Success Rate 26.8%
You have been brought in by Internal Affairs to investigate a situation within the FBI. Will you uncover the secrets, or will you run out of time?SAVE $5.00 Off Coupon
Current Success Rate 37.1%Being a Private Investigator is hard, and some days are worse than others. When a client hired you to check on the neighbor in #10B, you thought nothing of it. You couldn’t have been more wrong…SAVE $5.00 Off Coupon
Current Success Rate 18.2%
A high-profile attorney’s office has been hired to defend a celebrity that has been accused of murder. Did he do it, or is he being framed? Either way, the attorneys have a lot to hide.SAVE $5.00 Off Coupon
THE SILO (coming soon!)
 No one knew it was there, but it is, and now it’s awake. A true race against time with the future of civilization at stake. The fate of the world is in your hands. Don’t blow it.SAVE $5.00 Off Coupon
We challenge you to Crisis Rooms, perfect for groups of friends, date nights, group events, and more. Crisis Rooms is a great way to have a team-building event for your company, church group, school class, or sports team. For more information on our rooms or booking your corporate/team event, contact us today!

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to save $5.00 OFF a regular full price admission.
Visit their website today or call 1-815-534-1256 for more information and for tickets.

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