Happy April Fool’s Day from Chicagofun.com

Happy April Fool’s Day from Chicagofun.com

jokeYikes, we wouldn’t want to be that guy to the right…

It’s April 1st so you know what that means. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Today is the one day out of the year where all of our senses are on high-alert. Everyone is fair game on this day– including YOU. We here at Chicagofun.com care about our loyal followers/readers so this April Fool’s Day we’re making sure you don’t fall victim to practical jokes and pranks by the meanies in our lives. Here are some realistic scenarios and responses you can make to protect yourself this April Fool’s day:

  • Oh, you made me dinner? No thanks, I’ll order take-out, just to be on the safe side.
  • Aww, you’re holding the door open for me? Thanks but no thanks- I’ll use the “Push to Open” button.
  • You have a surprise for me? Sorry, I’m… uh.,. allergic to surprises? (You can improvise here)

But in all seriousness, April 1st is a hilarious and fun holiday to spend playing jokes on our loved ones! If you’re dying to pull the best prank on someone today but you don’t have any ideas, CLICK HERE for a bunch of awesome ones, including the one pictured above! Kudos to BoredPanda.com for giving us ideas to use today (watch out Mom and Dad)!